Working Areas - Natural Capital Factory
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  • Training

  • To successfully overcome business and social challenges, knowledge and capacities on key issues are required in order to better address corporate strategies. The Natural Capital Factory will provide specific and up-to-date training and capacity-building on sustainability, analysis methodologies and biodiversity and Natural Capital assessment. Access to key training on Natural Capital Protocol will be provided within the framework of this initiative. The Protocol is the first standardized framework for business to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on Natural Capital, developed by the Natural Capital Coalition.

  • Attendance to events, congresses, presentations...

  • Playing an active role in the Natural Capital Factory offers the opportunity to attend events/ lectures/ presentations… by leading national and internacional experts in sustainability, biodiversity and Natural Capital.

  • Participation in networks and working groups

  • Being a member will also allow to attend events and participate in international networks and working groups linked to the Natural Capital Coalition and the European Commission Business @ Biodiversity initiative, where to express opinions, needs and business strategies in an international showcase.

  • Keep Updated

  • The Natural Capital Factory monthly newsletter will send to members inbox up-to-date information to be updated on the latest news, innovations, regulations, tools, reports, events… happened both at national and international escale around Natural Capital. The newsletter will gather a series of interesting news, interviews, brief reviews of key reports and recent events and other relevant information.

    The Library Library contains a selection of publications of interest about the relation between Natural Capital and business.

  • Workshops, webinars, Sector Groups regular meetings

  • Workshops and webinars will be organised as a dynamic and efficient communication and training tool. They will be regularly schedule and will be aligned with Natural Capital Factory members´ interests.


    Sector Groups´ representatives will meet periodically to work on specific projects according to their business activity, where to show and know experiences, products and initiatives developed in Europe and Spain and discuss their eventual implementation in companies requiring it.

  • Innovation

  • Within the framework of the Natural Capital Factory, there will be an important space reserved for innovation, which is an essential tool to develop tools and projects which respond to specific problems, needs or challenges that organisations have when applying natural capital, sustainability and environmental conservation approaches.