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«Identificar las necesidades de las empresas españolas para abordar la biodiversidad en las evaluaciones de capital natural»

What are Spanish businesses and organisations needs when dealing with biodiversity in natural capital assessments?

At present, biodiversity is poorly incorporated in the European Union´s business fabric natural capital assessments, and in particular, in Spanish businesses. To identify what are the most pressing aspects in this regard for Spanish firms and in order to look for solutions, next April 5th the Natural Capital Factory is organising, with the support and in collaboration with Fundación Biodiversidad of Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Natural Capital Coalition, Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI), Biodiversity Node and the University of Salamanca the workshop “Identifying Spanish business and organisations needs for dealing with biodiversity in natural capital assessments”.


Workshop "Identifying the needs of Spanish businesses and organisations when incorporating biodiversity into natural capital assessments"It is crucial to know the gaps and difficulties that organisations face when mainstreaming biodiversity into their natural capital assessments, in order to align corporate strategies with sustainability principles and regulatory requirements on non-financial information reporting and disclosure already in place.

In addition, this information is vital for the availability of rigorous, timely and relevant data to inform decision-making processes in a reliable way and in line with national and global commitments related to biodiversity loss. Similarly, availability of this information will be highly useful when communicating the impact that organisations have on society.

The workshop “Identifying Spanish business and organisations needs for dealing with biodiversity in natural capital assessments” has been organised with the aim of  identifying and addressing all challenges that Spanish business and organisations are facing in this respect, and to work in their solution. The session will take place in the new headquarters of Fundación Biodiversidad.

The workshop has been designed to be eminently participatory and practical. To do so, several dynamics to encourage discussion through questions will be developed to explore participants knowledge on biodiversity, what obstacles are standing in their way when incorporating biodiversity in natural capital assessments and what format this support should be presented in for easy access by business.

Therefore, efforts will be focused on offering a response to: What are current Spanish business and organisation needs when dealing with biodiversity in natural capital approaches (including standardised frameworks for business such as the Natural Capital Protocol)?

In defining this, we will be in position to identify what challenges should be addressed.

Outcomes of this workshop will be forwarded to Natural Capital Coalition and Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI -the focal point of research and advice on biodiversity issues for the Coalition-). Both are running the project ‘Integrating biodiversity into natural capital assessments’, which is funded by the European Commission DG Environment and CCI and supported by the EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform. This project aims to strengthen the presence of biodiversity in natural capital assessments.

First action in the framework of the Natural Capital Factory  

This workshop is the first action developed within the framework of the Natural Capital Factory – regional platform of the Natural Capital Coalition-, which is open to the collaboration of all business and organisations (both public and private). Its mission is to group Spanish businesses within a national initiative linked to the Natural Capital international movement.

The Natural Capital Factory is an open space for the participation of all business actors interested in exploring progress, approaches, trends and developments on the conservation and management of natural capital, working collaboratively for mutual enrichment and for the benefit of the planet .

Click here for further information on the workshop (Spanish).

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